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Sponsor A Girl for the Holidays

This holiday season Harvest House would love to team up with YOU to make it a memorable year for the young ladies who will live here with their small children.  Would you consider sponsoring a girl for the Holidays and showing her Christ’s love through both practical help and extravagant love?

Without Harvest House “Rachel” would be living in a shelter with her small child.  She found herself without a place to live and no family able to give her a place to call home.  She is an amazing mother and has educational goals she is working toward and Harvest House is providing that safe place for her to live while she gets back on her feet.

“Ashley” found herself needing a place to stay with her child when she decided she was ready to take some practical steps toward providing a better life for her small family.  Since being at Harvest House she has found a job, purchased a car and has been able to provide the stability that her child needed.  She is working hard to meet educational requirements to go on to obtain a college degree!

These are just two examples of how lives are being changed.  Each day we have the opportunity to speak hope and life into these lives and it would not be possible without your help.  Would YOU be able to sponsor one of the Harvest House residents for the holidays?  Your donation provides shelter for these young ladies and their children.  Your donation provides warm food and a soft bed.  Your donation means the difference between homelessness and comfort this holiday season.  Would you be able to provide a warm meal?  A good night’s rest?  A place to call home?  Simply choose your donation below and click on “buy now”.  Thank you for being a part of this life changing ministry.

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