Harvest Youth Ministries

Pastor James “Jim” Kilby founded Harvest Youth Ministries in 1997 to reach out to troubled teens. Concerned about the lack of ability to reach into the lives of at-risk youth, Jim sought to break free from tradition and create an atmosphere where both the teens and, just as importantly, their families would feel comfortable. Harvest Clubs and Harvest House are the result.

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Harvest Clubs
Giving Back
Harvest Christian Fellowship
Princess Program
Harvest Clubs provide “Positive Space” where young people can congregate and parents can feel comfortable that they are in a well supervised and safe environment. Harvest Youth Ministries reaches into the lives of thousands that would otherwise likely never enter a church building. By creating entertaining venues and events, volunteers and staff are able to connect with teens that they may otherwise never know and build Christ-centered, life-changing relationships.
Through a modest number of volunteer hours at Harvest Thrift store or Harvest Clubs, young women learn the value of service plus job and life skills under the supervision of Christian staff. We find that allowing the girls to help raise funds for their own care builds self-esteem and character.
Harvest Christian Fellowship conducts Bible studies and other events in Harvest Clubs such as the Attic in Kettering, Ohio. More traditional services are held on Sunday mornings. Meeting young people in a facility they already know and where they see familiar faces allows them to feel comfortable. As a result, staff are able to witness, counsel, and disciple them more effectively.
This highly effective program takes young teen girls through a detailed twelve week Bible study and discipleship course that focuses on family, relationships, friends, school, true beauty and places a high emphasis on purity. Graduates are showered with a true “Princess Day” including professional hair and make-up, manicures, beautiful dresses, and a limousine ride to a four-star restaurant where thy are pampered and presented with a “goodie bag” that includes a personalized leather bound Bible. Many Harvest House residents go through this program and later mentor other young ladies.