Program Faqs

What is the Harvest House Program?

Harvest House is a free-of-charge, Biblically-based home that offers a wide range of services to support young women from various economic backgrounds. Harvest House prepares young women to take on the world with new hope and life skills.

Our desire is to invite these young ladies to be a part of a our family and grow through the family environment.

What is the length of the program?

Each young woman’s length stay depends on the needs of the individual. The average stay is estimated to be six months.

What is a typical day’s schedule at Harvest House?

A typical day at Harvest House can vary depending on the young lady.  Some girls attend a local Top Ten Community College less than a mile away while some may be completing their high school education online at the home.  Most of the young ladies will be working at least part-time outside the home and others maybe even more.  Bible studies, volunteer work, counseling, and homework are also incorporated into their normal routine.  Family activities are also an important part of Harvest House.

Are you connected or affiliated with any church or denomination?

Harvest House works in partnership with Harvest Youth Ministries ( to help each young woman’s achieve her personal goals. The Harvest House staff, Harvest Youth Ministries, and our 30+ volunteers feel that it is our privilege to work with these young women, preparing them to take hope out into their communities.

How does a girl apply to the program?

An official application can be obtained under Need Help or by contacting us via the Contact Us page. The process is started by filling out the application, sending it in and then calling or emailing Harvest House to see if the application was received.  We are also available by phone, please send your phone number on the Contact Us page.

How severe do the issues need to be for a girl to enter the program?

Each girl’s situation is looked at individually.  Anyone who thinks this home environment may be a good fit is welcome to apply.  Severity of issues is considered, as well as the girl’s willingness to complete the application process and enter the program.

What costs are involved?

Our program is free-of-charge thanks to many very generous donors.

How safe is Harvest House?

Safety is one of our main priorities.  First of all, the home is in an undisclosed location so it is very difficult for just anyone to find.  We have also placed two house parents in the home so it is a highly supervised and controlled environment.

What happens if a girl needs to see a doctor?

Harvest House Staff can take residents to see the doctor or one will come to the facility.

What about prescription and other medications?

Medications are monitored and administrated by the Harvest House Staff. Outside psychiatrists are available when necessary.

What staff is involved at Harvest House

Harvest House is primarily ran by two adult house parents which live at the home.  They help the young ladies on a daily basis and see that they are working towards meeting their individual goals.  We then have a board of directors and program director that oversee our house parents and help make program changes when necessary.