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Family Style Atmosphere


Harvest House is a residential, family style setting in a two parent home.  This conventional approach to healing allows young women a needed restart to carry hope and a light out into the world.  We align our program with solid Biblical teaching. 

Staff and counselors at Harvest House are under the supervision of ordained clergy and PhD level Christian counselors.  We also have several physicians who assist with other medical needs if necessary.

Residents participate in family life with the host family.  Within the supervision and nurturing care of a two-parent home, young women learn Biblical principals and receive around the clock care and love.   All residents are here voluntarily and are required to participate in Biblically based activities regardless of religious background.  Residents are required to set goals with the host parents regarding their careers, education, personal life and spiritual goals.  Each young woman has a personal care plan that allows them to focus on their needs and their goals for the future – no two young women are alike!  Young women are referred to outside counselors and other areas of expertise as needed.  We are not an emergency shelter and require an application and background check prior to admission.

This program is offered free of charge.  We do require that residents are either enrolled in courses, working or volunteering based on their individual goals.  We are not a lock down facility but guests are not allowed at the home without permission. Also, off-site activities are approved by the house parents.

If you have questions about how the program works, please feel free to use the contact page to ask any questions.  If you believe you could benefit from this program and are ready to take the next step, please visit our Application page.