March Madness @ Harvest House

And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father. Colossians 3:17 NLT

Hello Friend!

Usually in my newsletters I try to keep it simple and give you one story or an update about one thing. Not this time! We are planted in a season of sickness, tough decisions, big events and lots of planning so my brain is firmly in checklist mode. That mode makes sure everything necessary gets done but is in short and sweet format instead of big developed thoughts! Here is a quick update on some of the things going on around here…

  • We seem to be in a season of sickness. Please pray for health over this entire home and that recovery would be quick. Being sidelined for any amount of time is always discouraging.

  • I have the opportunity to speak at a conference this month and will be focusing on the topic of discipleship to those in vulnerable or at risk situations. It is a topic near and dear to my heart. Please that my words will be heard to the glory of God.

  • I am also working on a certification through Teen Challenge to teach their Personal Studies for New Christians curriculum. This would give us a more structured approach to Christian education for the girls that are living at the house. It will be a little while before we can fully implement these ideas, but it is in the works!

  • If you remember, in November I shared how I felt God whispered the number $12,000 to my heart as a goal to reach for increased funding this year, that is in addition to all funding already pledged. We are still far from that goal but I don’t believe God whispers without following through. Please continue to pray for opportunities to get the word out and hearts to be moved to see that number reached.

  • And finally, I just wanted to share with you how much it blesses my heart to know we are seen by God. We had a local MOPS group make blankets for the girls as well as collect other donations for Harvest House. A little warmth and being thought of are such a boost! We are so thankful for their kindness. There have also been other groups and individuals that have recently sent gifts and messages letting us know they are thinking of us…and I always consider that God prompting their hearts. I’m so grateful.

Have a blessed day,

Aaron and Elizabeth Kilby