Can they dream?

Hello Friend!

Aaron and I recently watched a video clip of Michael Ketterer, a Christian singer, as he auditioned on America’s Got Talent. He received the Golden Buzzer award – which I guess is important, but wasn’t what caught my attention. He talked about the six kids he and his wife adopted from foster care and said this during the interview before he started to sing:

“When you’re surviving, you can’t dream.”

I have had the unique opportunity to sit down with many young ladies and I usually ask them “What are your dreams? What do you want to do with your future?”. I cannot begin to tell you how many times the response has simply been a blank stare.

At first it puzzled me. Were these girls just not willing to share what was on their minds? Did they think their dreams were too big and I’d laugh at them? Nope. Generally when we explored it a bit further, they had never been told they COULD dream. They had never been told they could amount to more than what was going on right now so they never put much thought into their futures. It was heartbreaking.

Instead of thinking about 10 years from now, we just looked at one or two. What did they want to do in one or two years? What excited them? What did they think might be interesting to try out? And then we made a plan of action from there. One young lady pursued about 15 different careers while she was here because nothing seemed to stick for her. And that’s ok!

When young people feel safe where they are, it is completely natural for them to dream of the future. When their existence is focused on how to get through today, they aren’t able to dream of anything past the present moment. Thank you for helping these ladies to dream!

Have a blessed day,

Aaron and Elizabeth Kilby