Wait for it...

Hello Friend!

A friend, a young lady I have known for YEARS from the teen centers, sent me a text message the other day that made me smile. Here, I’ll just let you read it…

These are the messages that renew my energy. They bring a smile to my face, tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. I will tell you, while we were involved with these two young men they had a lot of craziness going on in their lives, but they kept coming back to the teen centers. Part of it was because the Attic was hosting a band they wanted to see, but often they would hang out at the front door or outside during the summer just chatting with us.

These guys were prayed for, told about Jesus, and loved on. We didn’t see a lot of change in their lives then, but knowing now that they are thankful for the investment made in them, even if they still don’t quite understand it, makes every moment worthwhile. I pray ten years from now we get these types of messages from the young ladies at Harvest House as well as God continues to work in their hearts long after they move out of this house. Keep pressing on my friends, it matters! Have a blessed day,

Aaron & Elizabeth Kilby