Hello Friend!

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a homeless shelter in Xenia. It is an emergency shelter offering care from 6pm until 7am to a wide variety of people who need a safe place to sleep. Here they get food, shelter, and as much comfort and safety as possible. It was both strikingly sad and beautiful at the same time. I got to speak with a couple of the people who ran the shelter and you could hear compassion in their voices and no judgement in their tone.

I will not work harder on your recovery or housing than you will.

I saw a sign on their wall and snapped a picture of it. It looked something like this:

Inside I cheered and cried all at the same time. Here were a group of people who cared deeply for the people they were serving; you could see it in the way they talked passionately about the center. They were also willing to say, “I can’t want it for you”. My heart has a hard time with that. The same evening I had called a friend frantically looking for options for a young lady. He gently reminded me if she doesn’t want help, my role is to simply remain available and ready to help when she is ready to receive it.

There are a few ladies whose names are on my office wall because I am praying they will want help. This may be the only role I get to play in their lives so it is what I do as I remain available. Please pray for them.

Have a blessed day,

Aaron and Elizabeth Kilby HarvestDayton@gmail.com