I'm not ready!

being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6

Hello Friend!

One month ago I was sitting at my desk trying to figure out God’s timing. I was past my due date with baby number eight and questioning if she was EVER going to be born! We welcomed Rachel in the early hours of June 16th and she is a wonderful addition to our group.

As I was contemplating timing though, I was reminded of snippets of conversations… “I’m just not ready…” “How long will it take…” “I can’t be gone for that long…” “I will miss out on…”

All those statements revolve around the fact that life change is HARD and takes commitment. First, for anything to change we must be ready to give up the old. And then of course, we need to stay committed to the change long enough for it to take hold in our lives. In my experience, neither of these is particularly easy.

I have a picture of my kids with their faces pushed up against the back door, anxiously waiting for Aaron and I to get home after picking up Harvest House’s newest resident. We settled her in, ate a delicious dinner (Aaron cooked!), bought a few necessities, and said good night. When I woke up in the morning, the back door was open, and she was gone. Later, I was able to talk to her again and she said, “I wasn’t ready.” A few months later, I spoke to her again and she said, “I wish I had stayed.”

One of the hardest parts of Harvest House is the young ladies who move in have to want their lives to be different in some way and they must be committed to the task. All the programs, checklists and mentoring in the world will not help if they are not ready to do something different. Please pray those who NEED Harvest House will also WANT Harvest House – and for us to be ready for them when they are ready for us!

Have a blessed day,

Elizabeth Kilby