It takes a village!

God sets the lonely in families… Psalm 68:6a


You’ll notice a little bit of a new look to the newsletter this month (if you get the physical copy of this). Different fonts, different header – did you see it? No, it isn’t because all the sudden I wanted to go minimalist or because I had a burning desire for something new. My hard drive died. And my back-up hard drive died. I have no templates, no old letters, no images, no nothing. I am learning to be ok with this situation.

Here is what I noticed in the middle of this rather unfortunate event: People want to help. My husband sprang into action and has spent at least 10 hours so far trying to recover ANYTHING from the old drives and get a new computer up and running for me. Anyone who has heard about the Great Hard Drive Disaster of 2020 has offered whatever help they can, including recommendations on who to ask for help! We’re fine, it’s fine.

Why am I bothering to tell you about this? Because it is very similar to how we run Harvest House. Aaron and I are here assessing situations and needs. Then, we contact whoever we think can help move the young woman we are working with closer to her goal. Can’t get a job? I know someone who is great with coaching on resumes and interviews! Don’t know how to cook? Well, Aaron has you covered on that one. Need a professional counselor? Let me get a referral! Want to get into college? I know a woman who is so skilled at applications for financial aid it is amazing! Your kiddo is sick? Let me call a doctor or nurse who can let you know if it is time to worry.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but doesn’t it really take a village to do life well? When we offer up the skills that we have to the community around us, it isn’t long before we have built a network of people who are willing to come alongside each other and push each other toward something great. One of the unexpected side effects of living at Harvest House is seeing what talents my friends, family and acquaintances have to offer. Can we solve all the world’s problems? Nope. But we won’t have to tackle any of them alone!

I am so grateful for everyone who has offered anything to this ministry. It is mind-blowing to see how community has come around these young ladies and how they have felt the effects of someone simply caring. Even if you don’t feel like you have much to offer, look for opportunities to lend a hand – you may never know what an impact it has!

In Christ,

Aaron and Elizabeth Kilby