Comeback Story


I am sharing a screen shot of a Facebook post which brought tears to my eyes. This young lady was already a resident at Harvest House when Aaron and I moved in. We knew each other of course, but now we took on different roles. Suddenly, we had the privilege and joy as being counted among “her people”.

I could write a book and still not include all the things we learned from her in the time we had her at the house. There were tears of joy and anger – moments of hope and despair – but consistently there was reconciliation and trying again for all of us – and hope was never lost. It was messy and lovely all at the same time. They always say an oldest kid is a guinea pig for new parents, and Emma willingly took on that role for us! I am thankful she hung in there with us while we figured out what being a house parent should look like.

Ya’ll, keep believing in people. Keep hoping the best for people. Keep fighting for people. Keep fighting for yourselves! THIS story is seven years in the making and I couldn’t be more proud.

In Christ,

Elizabeth Kilby