God in your day?

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. Proverbs 16:24


One of my favorite text messages to receive is “you have no idea how badly I needed to hear that today.” You’re right, I don’t – but when I feel prompted to reach out to someone, to share a memory, or just say hi, I try to make sure I do it. So many times, it is received with joy, and it fills my spirit.

I sent a newsletter out recently then received an email letting me know the letter encouraged the recipient! At the end she said, “I pray you see God in your day!” I smiled and put my phone away because I was out with my kids and couldn’t respond right away, but her email was a balm to my soul and a smile kept creeping on to my face. Later I was able to tell her the words of encouragement WAS God in my day!

Aaron has had similar occasions where he has been lamenting a situation or hurdle and then, suddenly to us, but very known to God, someone has encouraged him in a weirdly specific way. It is always surprising when it happens, but God knows!

One time, a couple of years ago, I asked God for fruit. It was an oddly specific request, but a friend who knew I was having hard days with sick littles ones, called to tell me she had left dinner for me to pick up from the church. She was listing off what she left for me and then said, “oh, and there is a bag of fruit.” I just about cried.

All these reminders, through friends and even strangers, being faithful in the message or kindness God is prompting them, to do are so important. We have no idea when God is going to use something so simple to us to remind someone else, they are seen, they are loved, and we are glad they are alive today.

Do it. Right now. Whoever you’re thinking of, whatever kind thing – go send the message, write the note, make the call, cook the meal – just go do it. And let me know how it went!

In Christ,

Elizabeth Kilby