July 2021 - Thank you!

God sets the lonely in families - Psalm 68:6a


I typically want to share my thoughts with you in these letters, but I cannot resist sharing this letter with you. Thank YOU for being the donors, pray-ers, supporters who make these letters possible!!

In Christ,

Aaron and Elizabeth Kilby

To the wonderful and generous people at Harvest House.

I was recently in a devastating situation where I was trapped. A wonderful friend named Deanna Walsh talked to me about God and told me to contact Elizabeth at Harvest House and so I did. I wasn’t expecting anything but emotional support. I thought that I was going to be trapped forever.

Elizabeth coached me into being me again. She met with me and went over my life. She is the most amazing person I think I’ve met so far. I want to thank her because I feel free and I know I could not have done this on my own... I’M FREE and I’m trusting God to lead me the rest of the way. After my mother passed I didn’t know if I would have a relationship with God anymore and now I do!!

I was given a gift that I cannot explain how much will help me. Jim thank you so so so much for the amazing vehicle. I’m not held back by any barriers anymore and you did that for me. I know someone else donated the van and I don’t know their names but I want to thank EVERYONE who was involved in saving me. Elizabeth, Jim, Harvest House, the people who donated the vehicle, and the Lord.

This would have never happened without you! With this amazing gift I can take my kids to doctors, go to work, and be mobile. Thank you everyone! God bless you!



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