Pressing On

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9


Some days Harvest House feels like we are fighting a spiritual fight and coming out in VICTORY over all sorts of strongholds in all sorts of lives. Other days, it feels like waiting and paperwork and follow up phone calls. I keep joking I am going to start filling out my job title as “Paperwork Completion Expert” because some days it doesn’t feel far from the truth. I get especially snarky on days when it seems like there is no breakthrough happening.

But God. My daughter gave me a Bible study focusing on the life of Joseph. For a quick recap, his brothers hated him and were going to kill him but decided to sell him as a slave instead. He quickly became powerful in Egypt because God was with him but one day Pharoah’s wife couldn’t keep her hands off. He was accused of something he didn’t do and thrown into jail. He helped interpret a dream for the Pharoah’s baker who was reinstated to his position and promptly forgot about the kid in jail who had helped him until two YEARS later.

All that to say, when God gave Joseph his moment to shine, he was all kinds of ready. He quickly pointed to God as the one who gave him the ability to interpret dreams and presented both divine interpretation and a practical plan to save the country of Egypt (and the Jews) from starving to death during seven years of famine.

He didn’t quit. He kept doing the next right thing in front of him so he was ready when the big moments came. Sometimes there are big stories to share and amazing praises where we just want you to join in giving God glory. Other times there are periods of behind the scenes work where we are quietly getting the pieces in place for the big moments to come together.

Thank you for supporting this ministry through it all. We have some God-sized things we are working on, one piece of paperwork at a time.

In Christ,

Aaron and Elizabeth Kilby