Sing the Truth of the Lord

With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the Lord: “He is good; his love toward Israel endures forever.” Ezra 3:11a


My heart is heavy. I am forever grateful I am a safe place for these young ladies when they are hurting, but I have answered phone calls lately I just don’t want to receive. Many phone calls over many days with words hanging heavy in the air. I hate it. I hate knowing our world is broken and hurting. I hate knowing we are living in this pain when this is not at all what God wants for us.

It is hard to maintain hope when there is a constant barrage of negative. The best way I have found to combat all the negativity is by replacing lies with truth and, like the people of Israel in the book of Ezra, by remembering God’s enduring love. He has already proven Himself faithful and we are tasked with remembering! The lie is God has abandoned us into this darkness. The truth is, just like He gave Israel a song to sing to remember His good deeds, He has done the same for each of us.

And, when I get these calls, it is my job to sing it. Each tune a little different, the words have a little twist to them, but the song is basically the same: God is faithful, see what He has done! God is faithful, you will never be alone! God is faithful, the story isn’t over yet!

Friends, please keep praying over the cancer diagnosis, the custody battles, the relationship trouble. Pray for housing and healing and hope. Pray God would show up undeniably in these young ladies’ lives and pray there is always someone to sing to them the truth of our Lord.

In Christ,

Aaron and Elizabeth Kilby