You're Good at That!

Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up. Proverbs 12:25


“You’re good at that!” My 8-year-old casually complimented me when I hung up the phone the other day. I was chatting with a friend about her young kiddo who was sick. We talked about symptoms, when I take my kids to the doctor, and when we just ride it out at home. I gave her some practical tips, encouraged her to hang in there, and hung up. His little voice rang out and it made me feel fantastic – I didn’t even know he was listening!

It is so funny to me how something simple, noticed by my child, made me feel so good. It reminds me of conversations I have had with young women celebrating their wins. We don’t need much to celebrate – one right choice, one different outcome, one step in the right direction. It is so fun for me to see them light up with compliments and praise they have earned!

It is always my great pleasure to “catch” people doing good! One conversation sticks out in my mind and it started with, “I know I shouldn’t have…”. And she was right, the situation she was in had gone entirely too far. There were about 15 lectures appropriate for the situation right on the tip of my tongue. I made a different choice though because even with all the bad choices, there were still wins and pointing them out made a huge difference on the trajectory of the rest of the day! Yes, we still had to deal with the rest of it, but we started from a place of victory rather than defeat.

Seek to speak life. Seek to be kind. Seek to “catch” people doing good!

In Christ,

Aaron & Elizabeth Kilby